Wooden blocks SATLER

#Creative endeavours

Material: Solid wood
Age: +3 years
Country of origin: Made in Slovenia
Other information: Easy to use


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Raw wood blocks (SATLER blocks) are intended to boost the creativity of your children. The neat wooden box contains various blocks that children can put together and create their first artistic masterpieces and architectural achievements. Or they can simply play with them.

These blocks promote the motor, pedagogical and psychological development of children of various ages. They facilitate learning of basic mathematical skills, such as sorting, counting and sampling, and improve their fine motor skills. They enable the child to bring their ideas to life and promote creativity, in addition to providing plenty of fun while engaging in symbolic play long after the product is put together. They also play an important role in the development of the child’s patience.

Since the family has always respected and loved wood, Satler, okna in vrata d.o.o. seeks to re-use waste wood and introduce new value into it. Every single piece is given our full attention! The same goes for the SATLER blocks.